The first decades of this century will be marked by the start of the energy transition.
Due to enormous developments in the last 150 years, both economically and technologically, the earth is warming up rapidly.
We must stop this process. This can be done by investing in sustainable solutions.
Meiborg has been focusing on sustainable solutions in mobility for more than 15 years!
Man wants the freedom to travel. Inspired by a primal instinct, people want to see more, learn more and experience more. That is why the urge for mobility will always remain.
Meiborg therefore wants to make mobility sustainable.
However, making mobility sustainable without a cross-sector sign is impossible. For example, new energy from sun and wind, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are inextricably linked to this transition.
For these reasons Meiborg initiates, invests and promotes in all these facets to realise sustainable mobility.


Offering mobility with as much consideration for our planet as possible. Without restricting our human urge to travel.


To develop and use new technology and ecosystems to eliminate CO2 emissions from mobility as much as possible.